Monday, 1 August 2011

Tony and the Magic Watering-Can


Yes, I have been scouring my local charity shops again and as usual the second hand shops of South London have come up trumps!

I found this little gem from 1978 written by Harold Shampan and illustrated by Clayton Hoyle and Peter Edwards:

This book is obviously pre the wonderful Adobe packages and therefore no text wrapping or writing on a path.  However despite (or perhaps because of this) it has been really creatively designed and the words and images play happily together on the same page instead of following the 'text on left, image on the right' format that lots of books of this period followed.

I have scanned in a couple of examples for your perusal, apologies for the cropping- my scanner isn't very large!.  Also check out all that lovely psychedelic artwork and crazy colour palette, I think kids books could do with an injection of madness again!


Right, I'm off to water the flowers!

Laura x

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