Wednesday, 24 August 2011

any other Business Card


I have to admit, I thought business cards were a bit obsolete, but then, the other night down the pub (always a good place to do business) I was asked by somebody for my details.  I had nothing on me with my details on and ended up scribbling them on the back of my coffee shop loyality card- not overly professional looking! 

Now, I know everybody has a mobile phone these days but believe me, tapping in a blog address, phone number and email address whilst standing (balancing handbag and wine glass) squished up in a crowded London pub on a Friday night leaves plenty of room for error!

My opinion of business cards I realised, has been tarnished by having really boring corporate ones in the past  They were forced upon me by the company I worked for and looked as dull and uninspiring as the job title inscribed on them.

So, I thought I would design a suitably daft business card for myself for the kind of work that I do now!  This is still a work in progress but here it is so far:

Laura x

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