Monday, 27 June 2016

Week 26 of 52


This weeks photos were taken on a trip to Abinger Roughs

M: One of her favorite things to do

H:  This is what happens when we don't take the buggy and Haydy misses his morning napnap

Bonus sibling shot: They are bound to hate this pic when they are older but for now it is cute!

Laura x

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Week 25 of 52


Still staying with my folks this week and at last the weather has turned a corner and the sun has come out to play, so we went down to the river to play:

M: Just skinny dipping with some random dogs, as you do!  Sadly I missed the money shot here, lady bear was trying to teach that sandy coloured dog how to do doggy paddle, very cute.  He wasn't a good student though and just waddled around on foot in the water.

H:  Mr bear was not so keen on the idea of paddling in the (admittedly pretty cold) river, so here he is observing from the warmer, drier riverbank instead

Bonus cousin and (bit of) Nanny shot: spot the Winter baby, That is sand on her bottom btw!

Laura x

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 24 of 52


Staying at my folks this week as we are having our bathroom ripped out and replaced at home.  The bears are very happy with this arrangement as it means there are twice as many people to play with them/cuddle them.

Also new playgrounds to visit!


H: Teething like a monster this week.

Bonus relative shot: Cousin Caleb paid a visit this week, here they are being couch potato goggleboxers on Nanny and Grandad's sofa- they did spend the day outside playing before this photo was taken, honest!

Laura x

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Week 23 of 52


So I bought a bubble machine this week which is just the kind of pointless plastic tat I swore I would never purchase when I had kids.  Well boy bear is in his second week of teething his molars through and bubbles seem to make him (temporarily) forget his woes and after a 45 min session of waving around a bubble wand I bit the bullet.  Verdict, it's ugly and eats batteries up but it's blooming marvellous.



Bonus sibling shot! 

Laura x