Sunday, 18 June 2017

Week 24 of 52 2017


Ran through some wheat fields this week (admittedly this activity has been soiled by Theresa May)

Lady bear:

Mr Bear

Bonus sibling shot: Not sure what the game was

Laura x

Saturday, 17 June 2017

week 23 of 52 2017


Caught up with my nephews this weekend, I was mainly concentrating on taking pictures of them so there are not many of the bears,

Mr Bear: With only 3.5 months age difference, I think these two are going to be boisterous trouble when they are older! Note how exhausted Nick looks!

Lady Bear:  Very keen on the smallest addition to the family, baby Beau
Laura x

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Week 22 of 52 2017


We walked (a tiny bit) of the North Downs way this weekend, so pretty but perhaps better for when we are not carting a double buggy and two 17kg toddlers around anymore!

Lady bear: This is a good image for me to look at when she is manic and angry and driving me nuts, to remind me that she is lovely.

That wobbly tooth finally fell out whilst eating enchilladas with Nanny and Grandad, here's her gappy smile :o)

Mr Bear:  Wasn't feeling very much like being my unpaid model this week: here he is looking moody on a log

Laura x

Monday, 22 May 2017

Week 20 of 52 2017


We went to Corfu- whoo hoo!.  Our first ever flight with the bears, exhausting but sooo worth it for a week in the sun:

Lady bear: at the end of the jetty in Kalamaki

 Mr Bear:  Naked dumptruckin in Kalamaki

Bonus sibling shots:  Dandelion clocks at Avalaki beach

Oh for the love of ice cream!

Laura x

Week 19 of 52 2017


Visit to the cousins this week which the bears ABSOLUTELY loved.  Also we went to a cavalcade.

Lady Bear 

Mr Bear:

Laura x

Week 18 of 52 2017


No glorious pics this week, basically I was on a recce to try and find a spot to take photographs that wasn't entirely green and the bears were being my test models.

Mr Bear: I always wanted this project 52 to present a realistic record of the bears and to be a bit 'warts and all' so here is Mr Bear licking the snot off his top lip- we have all had colds SOLIDLY for about two months now, what is going on??!!

Lady bear:

Laura x

Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 17 of 52 2017


It was the annual Easter Egg Hunt on our estate this week and great fun (and copious amounts of chocolate) was had by all the little ones.  Also, without me realising, it seems to have been a monochrome week.

Mr Bear: Egg inspector

Lady Bear: Pretty happy with her findings!

Bonus friend shots!

Okay, Mr Bear is only in the background in this one but I like the shot!

Laura x

Monday, 17 April 2017

Week 16 of 52 2017


Mr Bear: Bit of a bumper week for little man, his sister was full of colds and not really in the mood to be my model

Wherever Mr Bear goes, a digger also goes!

So excited to be on a tractor!

Enjoying playing with the big boys on a visit to the Kathurias

Lady Bear:

Laura x

Week 15 of 52 2017


Lady Bear: Planning those future tattoos?

Mr Bear: Tasting a lemon- always makes for a cruel but funny picture

Laura x

Week 14 of 52 2017


Trip to my favourite common this week.

Lady Bear:

Mr Bear: Collecting the fruits of the forest, aka a bunch of old twigs and fir cones!

Bonus Sibling Shot:

Laura x

Week 13 of 52 2017


Here's week 13 then!

Mr Bear: Playground fun

Lady Bear: Obligatory cheesy Spring shot

Bonus Sibling shots: Crazy hair, don't care

What else are big sisters for other than to unwrap your chocolate coins for you?

Laura x

Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 12 of 52 2017


Back on the whole picking up the camera business again this week, although we are all still full of cold.

Mr Bear:  Really practicing those grumps of late.  It's not easy being two, you know what you want but generally you can't have it.

Hide and Seek: Hides in the same place EVERY time

Lady Bear; Sometimes I have little other option than to just let her go into the gardens and vent her frustrations, sorry neighbours!

Asking for a tattoo is her latest thing, thought I wouldn't have to deal with this till she was least 15!  Her stamp kit will do for now I think!

Bonus sibling shots: Not sure who's crazier

The big silver fan is their favourite toy of late!


Laura x

Monday, 20 March 2017

Week 11 of 52 2017


I didn't manage to get individual shots this week- I was solo parenting whilst Nick was snow boarding and still busy editing Christening photos from a friends child's baptism.  However I did get my camera out during a baking sesh, so here they are.  A backhoe loader is the ideal way to clear up a rice Krsipie spillage don't you know?!

Oh, and here's another way to clear up!

Laura x