Sunday, 28 February 2016

Week 8 of 52


Another round of colds this week and two grumpy, snotty bears, three if you include me. I still think it's important for them to get outside even on a cold blustery February day such as today.

Haydy: I think that sad little face and the crusted snot under his nose sum up a large portion of this week quite well :o(

Marla: Sometimes I take a shot in which I feel I get a little preview of what Marla might look like when she's older, this is one of those.

Bonus sibling shot:  It is normally impossible to get a photo of these two together! Luckily I had their Dad around to help me out today.

Laura x

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Week 7 of 52


Haydy: So happy to discover a new playground this week

Marla:  This is supposed to be a Woody from Toystory dressing up outfit but I think she looks more more Fleetwood Mac circa 1976

Laura x

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Week 6 of 52


Another week rolls by, if nothing else, this project is highlighting to me how quickly time is moving.

Marla:  I don't know if other people experience this with their children but Marla is just a little bit obsessed with pregnancy and babies and spends a fair old chunk of her day with dolls, teddy bears, balls, drinking beakers etc stuffed up her jumper pretending to be pregnant.  It is often also demanded that I join in the game toO.

Haydy:  Nothing to say about this other than, I love that little face.

Laura x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Week 5 of 52


Here are this weeks offerings:


It irks me that this picture isn't quite in focus (blooming hard to do with a moving target and a slow shutter speed) but I like her expression and the image of her at 6months old in the background*

*all the pictures in our house that are within Haydy's reach are permanently crooked, apologies to any OCD sufferers out there!


There is no reason for this image of Haydy other than for some reason his little head popping over the tabletop makes me chuckle.............simple things eh?

Laura x