Monday, 9 December 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In case we forget her name or which room we put her in to sleep??!!

Hello again,

Marla's dad recently gave me a few hours peace whilst he looked after Marla.  I love her of course but this was bliss!  I haven't had a doodle in Adobe Illustrator for months now and I really miss it.  Always on my mind, I spent my time making a door sign for Marla's room.  It's pretty and garish............or pretty garish and she may object to it when she's older but in the meantime it's going up!.  Here it is:

Laura xXx

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Clever Gran


A lovely thing about having a little bear (baby) is that it seems to inspire folks to put on their creative hats.  I wish I could say this is my work but my Mother in law sewed this gorgeous quilt for Marla:

I'm a longtime lover of the great Charley Harper and a couple of years ago I introduced her to his work- I think this may have been just an ever so slight influence for this quilt :o)

Of course I know that if I actually use it as Marla's bedding it is going to end up covered in milk, puke and snot so I have decided to have it a wall hanging in her room instead.

I hope one day Marla may hand it down to another little bear........................maybe even her own.

Laura x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Still here?

Hello to anyone still around,

I have been absent for a while now.  As explained before, things got pretty busy!  This happened:

and then I blinked and this had happened:

Her name is Marla May and she is now 9 months old, her hobbies include, taking food out of kitchen cupboards when my back is turned, playing with make-up brushes and blowing raspberries at strangers who coo over her.

Anyway, life as a Mum is very fulfilling but it doesn't leave me much time to doodle, esp as the little lady has decided she is already an adult and that she doesn't need to nap during the day like a baby!

Anyway, as a result this blog may become a little more varied in it's subject matter, including baby and house stuff and not all posts will include new illustration work- just warning you!

We also moved house recently and took on a bit of a renovation project so I might include a bit of that too.

Lets see how it goes shall we?

Lots of love,

Laura x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Thinking of you

Hello again,

Right, here is the second card illustration commision I did for Magi Design.

This task this time was to make a 'Thinking of You' card which will act as a kind of vignette to open out onto a photograph placed behind.  This is the rough doodle that they send to me which might make more sense than my description!:

The card is to be die cut (the shape cut out with a laser to leave behind a kind of stencil) so as usual, the hardest thing with this kind of design is to create something that looks good and will actually work in reality and not be too fragile in the flesh.

Another challenge for me personally was to not be too whimsical or overtly joyful in my approach to the design due to the delicate nature of why someone may be sending this card.  However, I did not wish it to look too melancholy either.  This is my final design, I hope you feel I fulfilled the brief!

Again, I might insert a photo when the card has actually been made and exists as a real object- always the exciting bit!

Laura XxX

Sorry and hello again

Hello and a happy 2013!

Been a bit quiet of late,  my personal life has been pretty manic lately.

To give you an update, I am heavily pregnant, selling a flat and my husband and I are renovating a house to move into imminently so go go GO!

However, in-between this I have squeezed in a little freelance card illustration work for the lovely Magi Design because as busy as I am I can never resist getting paid to doodle!

So, here is the first one, the task was to make a male birthday card in the style of one of those retro airfix kits- remember, the ones you had to snap off a plastic sheet and glue together?

I had to use masculine icons past and present and here is the result:

The final piece will be cut from balsa wood and will have a coloured insert behind to make the shapes stand out so I am looking forward to seeing what that will look like in the flesh as it were! Maybe I will insert an updated pic when the time comes.

Lots of love,
Laura xXx