Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Still here?

Hello to anyone still around,

I have been absent for a while now.  As explained before, things got pretty busy!  This happened:

and then I blinked and this had happened:

Her name is Marla May and she is now 9 months old, her hobbies include, taking food out of kitchen cupboards when my back is turned, playing with make-up brushes and blowing raspberries at strangers who coo over her.

Anyway, life as a Mum is very fulfilling but it doesn't leave me much time to doodle, esp as the little lady has decided she is already an adult and that she doesn't need to nap during the day like a baby!

Anyway, as a result this blog may become a little more varied in it's subject matter, including baby and house stuff and not all posts will include new illustration work- just warning you!

We also moved house recently and took on a bit of a renovation project so I might include a bit of that too.

Lets see how it goes shall we?

Lots of love,

Laura x

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