Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Love letters straight from my ...............computer

Hi again!

I'm sure everyone who reads this blog will have noticed the increasingly popular trend of having letters adorn your house. Not 'DearXXX' letters but large individual characters in a variety of materials spelling out words like 'love' and 'home' or just the initials of the people who live there.

So I thought I would have a bash at making some of my own designs to print and frame.  My initial intention was to make some reasonably large decorative drop cap style letters using (but embellishing) some existing type faces.  However... I realised that although perfect when small and in the context of a paragraph, many fonts didn't bear the enlargement and solitude of being a stand alone character.  Also, although lovely, I am really bored of seeing the same decorative type faces such as JF Ringmaster and Rosewood Std currently adorning everything from pencil cases to t-shirts.

So..........., inspired by the brilliant Jessica Hische http://jessicahische.is/awesome/ I thought I would try making some letters from scratch.  I found this a surprisingly difficult process being a discipline in which I have not worked before.  I am hoping they will improve as I do more.

So far I have a 'T', an 'L' and an 'N:

I will post more as my alphabet continues!

Laura x

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