Sunday, 31 January 2016

Week 4 of 52 (aka iphone sicknote week)


Okay, so Marla has had a heavy cold for about a week and Haydy has had the teething snots'n'trots, then mid week Nick came down with the flu and I followed shortly after.  Excuses out the way, the truth is that with us all being unwell, the camera has not been picked up much this week.  My aim was to stay honest with this challenge so this week my photo submissions come courtesy of my camera phone.

Haydy: This is Haydy's Axel Rose impression, yep, the things I do to amuse myself.

Marla:  This was taken on the day that Marla insisted she was "too poorly to go to playgroup", doesn't look too unwell does she?, won't be falling for that one again!  She insisted on wearing her new swimsuit in the bath that night in case you were wondering

Laura x

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