Thursday, 7 January 2016

Project 52


Okay, so it's been a wee while since I last posted.  As anyone who has littluns or a busy working life knows, it's hard to find time for your own pursuits.

Anyway, excuses over, I have decided to participate in the Project 52 challenge this year and it is my new years resolution to take 1 decent photo of each of my children every week for the whole year.

So let me introduce you to Marla and Haydy. Neither will thank me for this photo but it makes me laugh:

They are both at quite awkward ages to photograph, Marla is nearly 3 and is now very aware of me pointing the camera at her and Haydy is nearly 18 months and likes to run at the camera and jibby jab the lens with his (usually mucky) little fingers.

I won't promise that each weeks offering will be a photographic masterpiece, just an image I think has merit for one reason or another.

Laura x

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