Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Wedding Invite commision


I was recently asked to design a wedding invite which, whilst lovely is always a slightly daunting task what with the wedding day being one of the 'most important days in a persons life' and all.  I also knew that I had my work cut out for me as the couple have discerning tastes and the groom-to-be teaches history of art!

When working on a commission I have to be sure that I am incorporating the requests of the client and not just going off on my own flight of fancy. It is also a good lesson being flexible with amendments and  alterations, in fact you can see my initial submission for this client on my 'Tis the Season' post below.

However I thoroughly enjoyed the process and below is the final result which I think suited them and their personalities:

Laura x

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  1. Nice to see this up here! We loved the invite and it was always a pleasure working the details out with Laura. Having sent it out we've been inundated with gushing comments from friends and family, so now we know where to direct them! It's really got our wedding off to a lovely start. Thanks! Jennifer & Mat x