Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Pigeons get a bad press, especially if you live in London but I'm sure if they weren't so common we would all think they are rather pretty. Therefore, I thought I would celebrate them and give them the limelight by making this greeting card:

Laura x

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  1. yes, you are correct in saying that pigeons are pretty and so is your picture which depicts them as pleasant cheerful creatures. I suppose it is overwhelming when you having your lunch outside on a bench trying to take a break from the office and then you see one pigeon appearing then another and multiplying. Soon it is like they have invaded your space and watching when you throwing them some of your lunch. Sometimes they would give me the creeps because I would think of the classic movie 'THE BIRDS'...thank the lord it's not crows ....that would definitely create a phobia of some sort. Ok so before I get a phobia I am not having lunch on the bench where there seem to be lots of pigeons.