Saturday, 16 April 2016

Week 15 of 52


I follow quite a few mum bloggers and photographers online and whilst I am very aware that the images they upload provide only a carefully edited version of their lives I do find myself being influenced by this idyllic vision of motherhood.  I have found in recent weeks that I have been preoccupied with attempting to recreate visions I have in my mind and not noticing or recording the reality of my experience.

So this week, I thought I would inject some realism!

Haydy: This is what happens when I take his doo doo (pacifier) off him.

Marla: I can't even remember what this was about, these tantrums happen about 13 times a day at the moment

I think it's part of the mama survival instinct (and also the fact that these are my children and I know that they are not in any real distress) that I actually find these images amusing.

Bonus sibling shot: I think there might be some truth to the cliche about the younger sibling being more likely to play the joker

  Laura x

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