Friday, 20 January 2012

Going green


A friend of mine is getting married this spring and asked if I could recycle one of my previous designs for them to use as their wedding invite and I (more than happily) agreed to.  The re-design included alterations to the illustration and the colour (it was previously pink) and a totally new design for the inside of the inside of the card.  Here is the result!:

Outside of card

 Inside of card

The invites will be printed on card and I look forward to seeing the final piece. I hope all the people who receive them will like the design too!

Laura x

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Laura, we loved the design of the invitation, which captured the theme and feel of our wedding at Kew Gardens perfectly. As any one getting married, or has got married, will tell you the invitation is really important. It’s your window onto the big day and may well end up on guests shelves for a couple of weeks, as a gentle reminder of the fun and festivities to come. We’ve received fantastic comments about the design and invite, which has raised the excitement about the day. The design is an excellent example of your creative talents and is the product of your patience and support in helping us with this important first step of our wedding day.